Tim’s Story

Raised in Allentown

Born in New York, Tim’s parents both worked over 100 hours a week to provide a safe home, a good education, and a better life for their children. At the age of two, with enough saved, his parents brought Tim and his siblings to their new home on 7th street. Coming to the city in the 80s, Tim experienced the old Allentown that many residents still remember, and he also learned the challenges of the changes the city was experiencing. Growing up downtown as an at-risk youth, Tim had to navigate around the gangs, violence, and drugs that were becoming growing problems in our neighborhoods. Through faith, family, community, and hard work, Tim succeeded in building himself up, and has since used his experience to assist and mentor homeless and at-risk youth and families. Today, he’s a proud husband and father, homeowner, community advocate, and leader in local organizations.

Fighting for Us

Tim first became active in local politics over a decade ago, during Ed Pawlowski’s tenure, as he watched the growth of corruption and the silencing of residents. He began working with people throughout the community to speak out for the needs of families and small businesses. When re-development proposals were being rushed through, Tim mobilized homeowners, renters, and businesses to protect historic buildings in the downtown; As the city passed irresponsible budgets, Tim spoke out for fiscal responsibility and advocated for taxpayers; as city leaders severely cut back on rental inspections, leading to blight and the destruction of historic homes, Tim fought to hold landlords accountable; and as the city experienced waves of crime, Tim spoke out in favor of a return to community policing. Unfortunately, our leaders have continued to ignore the concerns of residents and back out of their promises. Now, Tim is stepping up to the plate to deliver the change we need.

A New Kind of Republican

It’s no secret that Democrats hold a powerful majority in Allentown. Today, there isn’t a single elected Republican in Allentown government. But Tim knows that we can’t continue to have one party rule in a city where elections are decided by 10% of voters in a spring primary. Much of the corruption, mismanagement, and dishonesty in our city’s government comes from the fact that we let our leaders think they’re untouchable. Let’s prove them wrong. Tim is working to unite the city behind common sense reforms that will put residents first, regardless of party. Tim will listen to every resident, put their needs ahead of special interests and the well-connected, and build an Allentown that works for everyone.

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