Taking on Allentown Slumlords

Allentown slumlords have gotten away with too much for too long. Tim is ready to take them on. 

Frequent Housing Inspections for Slumlords

Our current system of housing inspections aims to inspect properties on a five-year cycle. The problem? We’re almost a decade behind schedule and slumlords know it. We also know that landlords who provide quality housing don’t need to be inspected as often. That’s why Tim will move to a point-based inspection cycle in which slumlords will be first in line for inspections until they clean up their acts.

Anti-Blight Enforcement

Trash, crumbling facades, and other issues have become a serious problem at many Allentown properties, but our current rules have code enforcement officers wasting hundreds of hours on minor issues. Tim knows that not every issue is the fault of the property owner, but he also knows that many absentee owners have gotten away with major violations for years. Tim will stop the longstanding problems and make sure that blighted properties get cleaned up. 

New Housing

With demand for apartments higher than the supply, slumlords are getting away with providing bad conditions to renters who need a place to live. That’s why Tim will remove roadblocks to new, affordable apartment construction in unused/underused spaces downtown. This will reduce housing costs in the city and create new competition for bad landlords.

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