Safe Streets, Clean Streets, Quality of Life.

Safe Streets

Tim knows that our neighborhoods can’t be successful if residents don’t have confidence in public safety. He also knows that our police struggle to do their jobs when residents aren’t working with them. That’s why, for over a decade, Tim has worked to bring community policing back to Allentown. This means conducting foot and bike patrols in the neighborhoods that need more police support, and giving residents and officers the ability to work together to resolve day to day problems from litter to noise. 

Clean Streets

Strong neighborhoods start with clean streets. When litter and dumping get out of control, crime always follows. Tim knows we can’t afford to keep treating these problems as an afterthought, we need to get serious in the fight against litter and dumping. This starts with city-sponsored weekly cleanup efforts with a commitment to get 500 bags worth of trash off the streets in his first year. Tim will also institute a zero-tolerance policy for littering, with immediate fines for offenders. 

Quality of Life

We won’t have an Allentown comeback if our elected officials are only focused on meeting the needs of special interests and wealthy outsiders. It’s time we had real leadership that listens to those who choose to live, work, and raise a family in this city. This starts with addressing the quality of life issues that Allentown residents are facing every day and ensuring that the city is clean, safe, and responsive at all times. 

Tim is fighting for an Allentown that puts residents first. Can he count on your help?

Tim Ramos is fighting for an Allentown that puts residents first. Will you help him?

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