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Whether it’s from the city or the school district, Allentown’s nearly annual tax increases are driving up rents, crippling small businesses, and forcing seniors out of their homes. For over a decade Tim has challenged city leaders as they’ve forced taxpayers to bear the brunt of their bad budgeting, and he knows It’s time for city hall to live within its means just like residents have to every day.

Public Safety

For years, Tim Ramos has called for a return to community policing, and our elected officials have promised voters the same. The difference? Local leaders have lied every time; Tim will get it done. It’s time to re-integrate police into our neighborhoods with foot/bike patrols and build relationships between residents, business owners, and our local police in order to better combat the unique problems each neighborhood faces.

Home Ownership

Over 60% of housing units in Allentown are rentals, and over 55% of residents have moved in the last five years. Allentown can be more than a stop on the road to somewhere else. We need more permanent residents in Allentown who will stay to raise strong families and communities. That’s why Tim will institute a five-year property tax abatement for any resident who converts a multi-unit property back into a single-family home.


The cost of housing in Allentown is rising faster than residents can afford. This is a result of annual tax increases, artificial markets created by elected officials, and regional/national trends. To bring down the price of homes, Tim will create incentives to convert multi-unit properties back to their originally intended single-family status. To bring down the cost of rentals, Tim will eliminate obstacles that prevent market-rate housing from being built on abandoned/underutilized properties.


Allentown’s students are in crisis. Today, only a fraction of our children are proficient in math and reading, and nearly a third of our high school students drop out before graduation. Meanwhile, the Allentown School District raises taxes on residents year after year, even as it lets students down more and more. This has to stop. While our mayors have brushed off the struggle of students and parents as the school board’s problem, Tim will fight every day for children and parents. He’ll work with parents to challenge the district on its failures, mobilize our communities to provide more after school programs and mentorship opportunities, and work with leaders on the state level to bring badly needed reforms home to Allentown.


When the Neighborhood Improvement Zone was first proposed and implemented, Tim worked with residents to cut through the buzzwords and fight to make sure the zone was implemented in a way that would put Allentonians first. Unfortunately, our leaders pushed out residents and business owners in the zone, and replaced historic buildings with office complexes and luxury apartments where the vast majority of residents can’t live or work. Tim knows that for the NIZ to work, it has to work for residents, not outsiders. That’s why he’ll fight to bring in good-paying jobs that are accesible to residents and foster the growth of locally owned businesses.

Fighting for Families

Raising his five children alongside his wife, Miriel, Tim knows the challenges of raising a family in Allentown. Between the skyrocketing cost of living, the struggle to feel safe, and crisis in our schools, raising a family in Allentown has never been harder. Tim has spent years fighting for families, because he knows the stakes. With so many people coming and going from Allentown every year, Tim knows how critical it is that we make Allentown home to permanent families who will treat our neighborhoods, schools, and housing with respect.


Allentown has always been a city for middle and working class families, but city leaders have been more focused on creating jobs for white-collar professionals who don’t live in the city instead of creating career opportunities for the majority of Allentown residents. Tim knows that our elected leaders need to put residents first. We need Allentown’s professionals to live in the city, but we also need to create new opportunities for every resident. That’s why Tim will create low tax opportunity zones around our abandoned industrial sites, giving tax breaks to businesses who create new jobs for residents, not outsiders. And he’ll work from day one to cut down on the regulatory burden that’s driving small businesses and local developers away from the city.

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