The Clean Streets Plan

Trash on streets weakens neighborhoods, encourages crime, and pushes out Allentown families. That’s why Tim and his team have worked every weekend to pick up litter throughout the city. Now, it’s time to go further and use every tool at the city’s disposal to address Allentown’s litter problem.

City-Sponsored Weekly Cleanups

Allentown doesn’t need expensive new programs to clean up our neighborhoods, we need leaders who will mobilize the tools and manpower we have right here at home. Tim will work with nonprofits, schools, neighborhood groups, and businesses to organize city-sponsored cleanups every week throughout the city. With their help, the city can take over 1200 bags worth of trash off our streets every year, all at no cost to taxpayers.

Anti-Littering Education for Kids

If elected mayor, Tim will create the Mayor’s Council on Education — a coalition of parents, teachers, nonprofit leaders, and business owners/professionals with a goal of assisting the school district and providing new opportunities for our young people. A top priority of this council will be educating Allentown’s youth on the importance of caring for our neighborhoods, and creating opportunities for kids to clean up around their schools.

Community Policing

Tim knows that oftentimes education and community work aren’t enough. However, Allentown’s police currently aren’t equipped to deal with the quality of life issues plaguing many Allentown neighborhoods. That’s why Tim will return neighborhoods struggling with these issues to a community policing format — adding foot and bike patrols in the places that need it, and working with residents to identify and address the basic quality of life issues neighborhoods are dealing with.

How you can Help

Our team has been working hard to clean up neighborhoods throughout the city, taking well over 100 bags of trash off the streets. Sign up to join our team and show Allentown residents that we can have clean, safe, and united neighborhoods.

Tim Ramos is fighting for an Allentown that puts residents first. Will you help him?

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