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Tim is fighting to give the people of Allentown a voice again. For years, we’ve watched as city leaders have ignored the needs of residents in favor of special interests and the well-connected, focusing on new development for outsiders in the downtown while other neighborhoods fall behind. The result is clear: failing schools, lack of confidence in public safety, and skyrocketing taxes and cost of living. It’s time for a change. Tim is a political outsider fighting for common-sense reforms that will put Allentown residents first.

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Tim is fighting for common-sense reform that will put Allentown residents first. From taxes to traffic, Tim has the right ideas to build an Allentown that works for everyone.

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About Tim

Born in New York, Tim Ramos came to Allentown with his family at the age of two and has spent his life here in the city. Growing up on 7th street in the heart of center city, Tim knows first-hand how much Allentown has changed, and just how difficult it can be to grow up, work, and raise a family in the city. As an at-risk youth, Tim saw the damage that can be caused when our schools, communities, and local leaders fall short, and how hopelessness and apathy can take hold when we don’t have a voice; but he also saw the power of family, faith, and hard work as he built himself up. Today, Tim is a successful husband, father, and community advocate, working to help families and deliver the changes we need in our neighborhoods. His story is a powerful reminder of all that our city can be if we have the leadership and the courage to put people first.

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